Así Marketing Group is ready to meet your marketing and advertising needs. Whether it is a local project or a national marketing campaign. Así provides you with a list of comprehensive marketing services to accommodate any marketing plan, English or Spanish.

Hispanic Marketing:

With over 20 years of Hispanic marketing experience in the Southwestern United States. Así’s team of personal knowledge of the Hispanic Culture and Customs is an excellent source to use for reaching the Hispanic population. We can implement a plan or an event to help you reach your specific target market and advise you on special programs that will be beneficial to your company to partake in. We develop marketing programs specifically designed for the Hispanic market to garner the maximum results without wasting a lot of time, effort and money. We will develop advertising campaigns to reach the Hispanic market that will communicate your message in the most effective way. All your advertising and promotional materials will be created by qualified people who know not only the language but also Hispanic the culture.

Writing and Thinking in Spanish:

You can be assured of getting your message across with Así Marketing Group. Our knowledge of the Spanish language not only lets you say what you want but also says it in a way that the Hispanic market will understand. We have a culturally diverse group of Hispanic writers to guarantee your message reaches its targeted Hispanic group with all its cultural nuances.

Market Research:

In order to develop an effective advertising campaign, your audience needs to be clearly identified. Así has a team of researchers that can define your audience for you. Focus groups are one way of developing your “Customer Profile”. Let Así help you today!

Digital Marketing:

Look to jump on the ever-growing digital marketing train? Asi Marketing has the latest and best techniques to ramp up your digital marketing needs through every digital channel:
SEO (search engine optimization)
Social Media
Content Marketing


You can rely on Así Marketing Group to be your full-service communications firm with our wide knowledge of all mediums. We have the resources to produce the most stunning communications whether it is print, web sites, broadcast or video.

Así’s relationship with the Hispanic media is intensive and we can recommend specific Spanish media strategies to give you low cost per thousand while effectively reaching your target audience

Purchase and Placement: Así will help you define your target audience, purchase and place advertisement in TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor at the right price. We have a solid bond with the Hispanic Media.

Creative Services: After meeting with you and learning what you want to accomplish, we conceptualize. Así can create new ideas for marketing your thoughts, your plans, and your business future. Our team of art directors, copywriters, graphic designers and producers can bring to life any strategic marketing plan. Our expertise in all media is extensive, so you can rely on Así to provide you with creative solutions in print and broadcast as well as virtual media.

Project Management: Whether it’s a small or large complicated project, Así will help you coordinate and manage it. We will help gather supplies, locations, talent and all the people needed to produce your project on time, on budget and with successful results. You can count on Así’s many years of experience in managing print and broadcast production jobs. Así can also provide clients with effective and original project models and strategies, customized for your organization’s objectives. Así has an extensive background in program development, community planning, needs assessment and evaluation. Let us be your number one source for project management.


Strategic Partnerships: Así has developed strong Community Relations with many non-profit organizations in the Hispanic community and general market communities who have a sincere interest in reaching the Hispanic family population.

Community Outreach Programs: Así has over 10 years of experience in coordinating and implementing cultural diversity, prevention, education, social equality, volunteerism, leadership, health, business, community service and technical assistant programs.


Event Strategic Planning:

Así can produce many types of events, including festivals, concerts, multi-media presentations, grand openings, new product roll outs, national sales meetings, trade shows, hospitality tents, VIP receptions, press conferences, corporate open houses and fund raisers. Our expertise is in our ability to work with clients to develop new event-marketing strategies, to put together programs best suited for our sponsors or to link them with events that fulfill their marketing goals and objectives. Our services include event strategic planning, production, talent booking, sponsorship and on-site management.


We offer video production for Spanish and English videos along with copy writing:

Así offers a wide range of exceptional production services. Whether you need television spots, infomercials, on-site videography, corporate videos including training and product presentations or candid videos we offer the highest quality at the best prices. Know that your video production needs will be met at your budget requirements and to your satisfaction. Our demo reel will speak for itself, we will be happy to show you a sample of our work.

Corporate PowerPoints and Presentations:

Have a big speech? A meeting with board members? We will help you refresh or create the most effective and professional deck for your upcoming presentation. Whether you are looking to add a little extra something to a deck that you already created, or you need to start from scratch we will help build graphs, charts, videos, and anything else you need to impress your audience.

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