As a 20-year veteran of advertising and creative services, Letty serves as a resource to associates and clients providing consultation in marketing and promotions strategies and implementation. Her areas of expertise include promotion and event planning, Hispanic marketing, translations, video production, product development and project management. Letty thrives on the relationships she builds with her clients and her commitment to their success.

Letty Alvarez


Karina is a Phoenix native and understands how important being diverse in Arizona means when it comes to Hispanic marketing. Graduated from ASU, she received her degree in communications but has always been passionate about marketing. As a proud member of the AMA, she enjoys networking and learning about new and creative marketing skills. Since she was 15 years old she would work promotions, door to door marketing and now with over 10 years’ experience in marketing, Karina joined the Asi Marketing team full time to work alongside her mom.

Karina Rodriguez

Marketing Manager

Faith Rayne is a Website Developer/Designer & SEO Marketing Specialist with several years of experience as a Social Media Manager. Faith helps companies and professionals shape and enhance their online presence and build a steady audience.
Before starting a partnership with ASI Marketing, Faith spent 12+ years as a Website Designer/Developer & SEO Marketing Specialist, (back when AskJeeves was introduced, yeah that long ago), for companies and professionals all over the world; and 5 years as a Social Media & Ads Manager. Faith now helps connect people through digital creative work that benefits their business as a whole.
Faith enjoys the outdoors (as much as one can in Arizona during the summer), hiking, martial arts, weight training, climbing, movies, gaming, trying new things and helping people make a difference in the world.

Faith’s available for website design/development and SEO projects, as well as social media management. Faith bio and image. You can reach Faith at

faith.rayne9@gmail.com or (480) 748.7981

Faith Rayne

Website Developer/Designer & SEO Marketing

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